2010 Foals at SCF


2 Goodtimes foals of 2010 colt on l, filly on r

Fortuna, Fantastic Times, Fashionista (middle 2 are by Goodtimes) and Ferrari (outside foals by Balou du Rouet)

2 Goodtimes foals of 2010 colt on l, filly on r

three fillies and their aunt sophia

2 Balou du Rouet foals, Eros Left, Fortuna R


2 Goodtimes foals of 2010 colt on l, filly on r

Ferrari SCF

Balou du Rouet x Marie Louise Elite


Bay KWPN Colt foaled 5-9-10

Balou du Rouet x Nova keur (CONSUL)


Balou du Rouet sire of Fortuna and Ferrari

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Baloubet du Rouet - Continue

*1999, bay, 171 cm, Oldenburg

Approved for:
Hannover, Mecklenburg, Oldenburg, OS-International, Rhineland, South German Stud Books, Westphalia, Finland, France, IHB, Italy, Sweden, Zangersheide

Stud fee: € 1.000,00


A top breeding stallion with an impressive track record

Already a successful competition horse at 1.50 m level, Balou du Rouet is now busy building a reputation as an outstanding breeding stallion. Although his oldest offspring were only six in 2009, they have already chalked up more than EUR 56,000 in competition winnings. Matched only by Cornet Obolenski, Balou du Rouet was the stallion with the most offspring competing at the Bundeschampionat in 2008 and, in 2009, three of the Bundeschampionat for Six Year-Old Show Jumping Horses competitors were Balou du Rouet progeny. Another of his offspring, Bacara, qualified for the World Championship in Lanaken and was subsequently sold at auction for EUR 140,000. Two of Balou du Rouet's sons were approved at the Southern German licensing, another top stallion sold at auction in Hanover for EUR 85,000 and another approved son and he now counts over 30 approved stallions among his offspring. Balous Bellini was champion stallion at the Munich 30-day test in 2009 with a score of 9.27 and a final jumping score of 9.54, and Bobby Brown was runner-up at his performance test in Adelsheidsdorf with an index of 143.23 points. There's no ignoring the popularity of Balou du Rouet's progeny. Baranus sold at auction for EUR 120,000 after winning a class at the World Championship in Zangersheide and, in 2007, Be Bravo sold for the record price of EUR 350,000 at the AOS Auction. His FN breeding index score of 141 puts him among the leading breeding stallions, despite his young age.
Balou du Rouet's sire is three-times World Cup winner and individual Olympic gold medal winner in 2004, Baloubet du Rouet. This Selle Francais stallion is one of the most successful show jumping stallions of all time and he consistently passes on his performance genes to his offspring. Baloubet du Rouet's sire, Galoubet, was competing at international level at the age of seven and won team gold at the World Championship in 1982. Balou du Rouet's maternal grandsire, Continue, collected lifetime earnings of over EUR 310,000 and his dam line has produced several approved stallions.
Balou du Rouet produces spectacular offspring.


X =

Balou du Rouet x Nova keur (CONSUL) 3-27-10 filly

Fortuna SCF


full sister to the top jumper foal at the ISF keuring 2009!

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Fashionista SCF

 Goodtimes X Jolie 2010



Click below to see her sire Goodtimes


Goodtimes has influenced the world of International Dressage. His son, Lucky Times, was Champion of the Pavo Cup twice and is now successfully competing and winning at Grand Prix. Kennet W was the 2006 Reserve Champion of the Dutch Young Riders and the winner of the Team Gold Medal at the European Championship for Young Riders. Goodtimes is also the damsire of the dressage stallion, VDL Prestige, and is listed in the USDF Dressage Sires via his Horse of the Year offspring. Goodtimes is known to produces offspring with good movement, lots of carrying power from behind, good jump, and beautiful types. Goodtimes has sired multiple approved sons, including Kalusha, Kenwood, Timeless, Londontimes and Sydney.




Performance 1991
Intelligent, friendly, attentive, playful, honest, good humored, and impertinent in a pleasant way. He was saddle broke at the start of the test. He has a great deal of power and suppleness with strong use of the hindleg. The walk is more than sufficient. The trot is more than sufficient and is sufficiently carried with a lot of knee action. The canter is well carried, elastic and big. He has a good take-off in jumping, good leg technique, good bascule, a lot of scope; he pays attention to the jump. He does very well in cross-country. He makes strong demands on his rider in order to get good results. He gives an average feeling in dressage and a very good feeling in jumping. Work is easy for him and he is very willing to work. He has sufficient talent for dressage and a great deal of talent for jumping. He was in good condition upon arrival and remained that way. Good stall behavior.


  Listed in the USDF Dressage Sires since he is producing Horse of the Year offspring!  This fabulous stallion produces offspring with good movement, lots of carrying power from behind, good jump and often the nice coloring of a pretty bay with socks.  If you like a shorter back in a stallion and a fun personality, this is the sire for you.  Goodtimes is one of the most bred stallions in Holland and also for frozen semen.  They are highly successful.

Goodtimes is an all around breeding stallion having sired many champion offspring who excel at dressage as well as jumping.


A stallion with excellent gaits. He was a show jumper himself at the Z level and was Champion at  3 years old at Ermelo for the stallion approvals. His offspring are jumping on National and International top levels. Goodtimes has more approved sons and is the sire of more Champion foals and Champion mares . Not only he has jumping genes to give through but also on the dressage level he certainly  is a top producer. His son Lucky Times has won the Championship of the Pavo cup for  4 and 5 years old and is now successful  at Prix St George. Goodtimes produces horses for Dressage, Jumping and Keuringen.
Dressage index 2002: 128
Jumping index   2002: 129    

 Goodtimes (Nimmerdor) belongs to one of the most successful suppliers of selection horses and is further remarkable for a number of products in the dressage and showjumping sport such as Lucky Times, Gabanta, Kris and Kalusha. Dam Sas, like the successful international showjumping horse Shutterfly (Meredith Beerbaum), is a product of Silvio I. The dam’s line goes back via the showjumping horse progenitors Libero H, Cavalier, Le Mexico and Pericles xx to the mare Elmi (Waldo) from NL mares line 046. Elmi has also formed the baisis for the international showjumping horses Florence (Voltaire), Jente (Damiro B) and Calgary’s T (Le Mexico) as well as the KWPN stallion Ulft.

Nimmerdor X Caletto
Goodtimes is by the legendary Nimmerdor. His dam Zigeunerin(Hols) scored a high 90 in her IBOP. On her sire's side we find Caletto I a full brother to Caletto II ridden by the German team.

Goodtimes was Champion of his stallion testing and has several approved sons. He has also sired many Champion foals and mares and in 1996/97 he was the top sire of the UTV mares. His son Lucky times was the Champion of the Pavo cup at age 4 and 5. He also has many offspring successfully competing at international level jumping like: Audi Mr Lopez, Luwanda Lowlands, Lavendel, Kluivert, Tilders Gabanta, London times, and Kenwood. VDL Kalusha placed in several Grand prix's and came in 2nd in the Derby of Eindhoven. Kris Kentaur won the Europen young riders championship and his son Lorenzo won the Pan Am Championship for 7 yr old horses.


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